By Authors


Anderson, Jodi Lynn
-Tiger Lily
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Ashton, Brodi


Bardugo, Leigh
-Shadow and Bone


Clare, Cassandra
-City of Bones
Crompton, Laurie Boyle


Dashner, James
-(The) Kill Order
Driza, Debra
-Mila 2.0 


Elkeles, Simone
-Perfect Chemistry
Emerson, Kevin
-(The) Lost Code


Fitzpatrick, Becca
-Hush, Hush
Forman, Gayle
-Just One Day  


Gagnon, Michelle
Gaughen, A. C.
Grant, Mira
Green, John
-(The) Fault in Our Stars
Will Grayson, Will Grayson (with David Levithan) 
Greenland, Shannon
-Model Spy


Harrington, Hannah
Higgins, Wendy
-Sweet Evil
Houck, Colleen
-Tiger's Curse



Knudsen, Julie Anne
-In The Middle of Nowhere
Kramer, Stacey
-From What I Remember  


Last, K. A.
-Fall For Me
Lerangis, Peter
-(The) Colossus Rises
Levithan, David
-Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Lu, Marie
Lyga, Barry
-I Hunt Killers


Mafi, Tahereh
-Shatter Me
McMann, Lisa
Meyer, Marissa
- Cinder
Moning, Karen Marie
-Fever Series
Moskowitz, Hannah
Mull, Brandon
-Seeds of Rebellion
Mulligan, Diane
-Watch Me Disappear 


Nielsen, Jennifer A.
-(The) False Prince
Ness, Patrick
-(The) Ask and The Answer



Peacock, Kathleen
Perkins, Stephanie 
-Anna and the French Kiss
Pitcher, Chelsea
-(The) S-Word 



Rhodes, Morgan
-Falling Kingdoms
Riordan, Rick
-(The) Mark of Athena
Rossi, Veronica
-Under the Never Sky


Schwab, Victoria
-(The) Archived
Simmons, Kristen
-Article 5
Sise, Katie
-(The) Boyfriend App 
Stiefvater, Maggie
-(The) Raven Boys


Thomas, Valerie
-From What I Remember






Zhang, Kat
-What's Left of Me

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