Friday 23 November 2012

Movie Review -- Because I Never Really Hated Twilight

I finally watched Breaking Dawn Pt 2.
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I don't know if my expectations are getting lower or they're making the movie better but it was good, a fitting end to the Saga. I liked this movie a lot better than the others mainly because for the first time, the plot wasn't fueled by angsty teen love triangle relationships. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

There will be spoilers. You have been warned.

The movie starts off with Bella Swan getting all comfy with being a vampire. No. Wait. Actually, it starts with a very looooonng opening credits that named literally everyone in the production line- the director, producers, director of photography, costume, everyone. It made sense once I saw how they did the end credits (we'll get to that later) but seriously, it was insanely long.

So now the movie finally starts. Bella is trying to get the hang of being a newborn vampire. I got exactly what I expected from Kristen Stewart, awkward and cringe-worthy. Sure, her hair looked great but that was about it. Her newborn days were the first part of the movie so it was kinda funny to watch. There was this one part where Bella was on her first hunt and she looked so ridiculous, flying through the air with her limbs stick straight. It was hilarious. Anyway, good thing Robert Pattinson was there. He deflated most of Kristen's awkward acting. I feel like he showed a (slightly) better range of emotions than the others. I mean, he was smiling! He looked so happy. He just looks better than before when he did that emo vampire pout. Definitely an improvement.

Bella wants to see her daughter, Renesmee but she finds out that Jacob imprinted on her. I really liked this part in the book. But again, Kristen failed to deliver the scene properly. Her anger looked so forced and when she shouted, her voice sounded different. It went down a few octaves or something. I don't know. Anyway, she finally gets to see Renesmee. I swear that was the creepiest looking baby I have ever seen. Am I alone in this? It looked like one of those baby dolls that can pee- it kinda looks realistically creepy.

Taylor Lautner didn't have as big of a presence in this one than the others. It was just him all imprint-y on Renesmee. And! He was only shirtless once! It was a great scene. Jacob reveals that he's a werewolf to Charlie. The two of them are in the woods and Jacob just suddenly starts undressing himself. Charlie's like, "Um, excuse me. Put your clothes back on." I'm just laughing there because he's unbuttoning his pants. Charlie's reaction was priceless- to the undressing and the werewolfing.

The rest of the movie is basically the Cullens vs the Volturi. The Cullens are trying to gather witnesses to stand with them and explain that Renesmee is not an evil vampire baby. I liked the new vampires (Rami Malek=swoon). Their portrayal of the vampire powers was good. I especially liked Blondie's (I can't remember her name) electricity zap and Benjamin's influence on the elements. Jane's mind pain was hard to do in the first place but I envisioned Bella's mind-shield differently. It looked cooler in my mind. They tried their best, I suppose.

A small note: There was this one scene that I really loved. It was the night before the Volturi showdown and the Cullens and Co., are sitting around a bonfire, swapping war stories, having fun, just general camaraderie. It was a nice addition. Here are all these people who banded together for the peace and safety of the Renesmee and the Cullens. They are the most unlikely allies but they are going to stand together and fight. FEEL THE LOVE.

This is where I get passionate. This was basically the scene/reason I went to see the movie. I  had been keeping my fingers crossed that they had changed the ending. So, the snow has finally stuck to the ground and the Volturi has arrived. The Cullens, vampire allies and Wolves are standing on one side and the Volturi is on the other. It's a proper showdown. So they got Renesmee to do her mind-speak/show on Aro and he knows that she isn't an immortal evil vampire baby. But Marcus/Caius (could never identify who was whom) will have none of it. He wants blood. Then Alice and Jasper turns up. She shows Aro the half-immortal she found in Brazil and the future. So far, still following the book. But then she's all, "You're not going to change your decision even though she's not evil." She turns around, kicks Aro in the face and all hell breaks loose. She runs back towards the Cullens and Aro gets Felix and Carlos (I don't know if I just made those name up or that's his real name) to catch her and kill her. Carlisle runs forward to help Alice but Felix and Carlos just yanks his arms off and rips his head off. I'm sitting there, shocked. I couldn't believe it. Then there was a close-up shot of Felix holding Carlisle's decapitated head. I was just like silently going crazy, "Ohmygosh, ohmygosh! They rewrote it! Holy guacamole, Carlisle is dead! Ohmygosh!" Esme screams in agony and the fight is on! It was magnificent. Everyone is doing their thing. Blondie is zapping everyone, Bella is doing her mind shield, the Wolves are ripping everyone to shreds. It was non-stop fighting- gory and violent. My heart is going a mile a minute, not able to believe that the author who couldn't kill her characters finally succumbed to the fight. Characters were dying, left and right. I nearly lost it when Seth died and then Leah hooowled. Jasper dies and Alice goes after Jane. Jane starts running away, the fear on her face was priceless. Alice kicked her ass! The Volturi people are losing and everyone on their side is practically 

dead. I liked Marcus/Caius's (the one that looks bored) death. These two vampires wanted revenge on the Volturi. Marcus/Caius was all, "Finally," and a look of contentment passes on his face before his arms were ripped and he was decapitated. Edward and Bella tag-teams to finish off Aro. There was even a heart-stopping moment where it looked like Edward was going to die. Seriously, his neck were one second off of getting ripped apart. It was brilliant. This was the battle that should have been in the book. This was what I wanted.

Then everything I loved was taken away from me. It cuts to a close-up shot of Alice and Aro still holding hands, Alice still showing him the future. It was only a vision! A flipping vision!" Unbelievable. Alice was all, "That is your future. Unless you choose a different course." Ohmygaaah. Then the half-immortal from Brazil comes out in hiding and Renesmee is not an evil baby vampire, nor is she a threat to the vampire secret. Aro makes everyone back off because he doesn't want to die. Happily ever after for everyone!

The end oozed cheese. Edward and Bella were lying on their meadow. Bella completely removes her mind-shield so Edward can finally read her mind. It was this flashback of Edward/Bella moments all the way from Twilight- their first meeting, Edward's changing eye colours, the crushed van, first time in the meadow, James and the ballroom, prom, Bella almost drowning after cliff-diving, Edward sparkling and almost committing suicide, the proposal, the wedding. The whole time 'A Thousand Years by Christina Perry' was playing in the background. It was cheesy but you know what, who cares? It was a great end.

The end credits come on and it's like a slideshow of all the actors' names and characters that ever worked on Twilight Saga. Everyone was there. From Charlie and Renee to James, black dread-lock guy and Victoria, from the Wolf pack to Riley, Bree Tanner and Victoria 2, from Bella's old high school friends to their new vampire allies, from the Volturi to the Cullens and finally, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I loved that. I really did. It was a tribute to the actors, the fans, the Twi-hards and the Twi-haters. It was a tribute to the Twilight Saga phenomenon that had everyone talking, good or bad.

What did you think of the movie? Are you going to see it? Are you sad that it's over?


  1. HAHAHAHhhahahahaaa that gif of Bella flying. Too funny.

    Thanks for the in-depth review. I was curious about how they handled this last movie.

    Btw, if you're a fan of old words, check out our new blog hop, Save-a-Word Saturday.

  2. You know, I didn't like the books, but for some reason I keep seeing the movies. Haven't seen this one yet, but I'll watch it as soon as it comes out on video. I'm kind of looking forward to it because it will have all the interesting bits of the book Breaking Dawn without all that angsty teenaged lovestory stuff. I'm glad to see you're of the same opinion...makes me more interested.

  3. I loved the movie. Actually, I liked them all but the first movie. I read all book and loved them too. This series was my fist vampire book ever... I think that is why I loved it so much. I didn't have previous vampire experience to compare with.

    I think that 'Bella' acted a little bit better in this movie because with the exception of "panic room" I find her acting very bland...and poor... and.... I don't know, she has the same expression for everything.

    I never was a Edward lover. Always had in for Jacob and I wasn't disappointing when I saw his killing body for the second movie and on.

    Arrg! what am i to do now that twilight is over?


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