Friday 4 January 2013

Review -- Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian (Lux, #1)Title: Obsidian
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: The Lux (1)
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Release Date: 08 May 2012
Date Read: December 2012

I was the last person who hasn't read Obsidian. Months after it was released, people were still talking about it. They had the cover as their profile pics. Goodreads and bloggers were gushing about this series, so naturally I had to find what all the freaking fuss was about.

I am not a big fan of sci-fi/alien-y novels. I don't what it is about them but 95% of the books I read from that genre just doesn't entertain me (I can counting one finger the books from this genre that I genuinely liked.) Which is why I just avoid as much as I can, really. (Besides, how many series are actually based on aliens? Maybe I'm not as well-informed about the genre but there really aren't that many alien stuff.) Nor am I a fan of books, paranormal and dystopians are the usual culprit, where the romance of the story rides shotgun. Nope. That's not how I want my books.

So did I like Obsidian?

The typical non-typical bad-boy was there. Daemon is a class-A jackass, complete with the irresistible charm and drool-worthy looks. But I don't think you understand how big of a tool Daemon is. No, seriously. I know there are countless books where the love interest is a jerkwad but deep down he's not and <snooty voice> ohmygod, other people don't know the real him. He's just a misunderstood (otherworldly creature) and ohmygod, he's, like, so hot and I've fallen head over heels for him after that one time we made eye contact. Like, ohmygod. </snooty voice> But Daemon? Daemon is all of that multiplied by a a freaking million. And, I don't know why, but I don't hate him as much as I ought to.

Katy Swartz is the new girl in a small town who captured the attention of the resident jackass that is Daemon Black. Of course, Daemon's charms don't work on her because she's sshpecial and they're just friends but eventually they will realize that they are in love with each other. Yeah, yeah. Been there, done that. But I actually like Katy. Why? Because she's aware that Daemon is an asshole (I'm running out of adjectives for him) and manages to fend him off, apart from the occasional blubbering about how hot he is. But that's expected, it'd be weird if she didn't. Daemon's hot. Anyway, not only that, Katy stands up for herself. Yes. You heard that right. She doesn't take Daemon's crap, she chucks it back to him with all the force of a great typhoon.
"No. Sorry. You have spent months being the biggest jerk to me. You don't get to decide to like me one day and think I will forget that. I want someone to care for me like my dad cared for my mom. And you aren't him." 

Whaaaaaat! A heroine with a backbone and a logical brain in front of a hot paranormal creature? I don't believe this! It's practically unheard of! Can she get any better? Yes. She's an avid reader and she has a book blog. Armentrout probably only did that to get on our good side and it worked. How couldn't I automatically like when she's wondering which book she should do for waiting on Wednesday.

I really liked the alien parts of it. The Arum and the Lux, the dark and light, sworn enemies. It's kind of like the Lorien Legacies (which is that one alien series I told you about that I liked). The Arum have destroyed the Luxen planet, leaving the Lux people without a home and they're forced to take refuge in Earth. And I really like the whole true light form thingee. It's definitely a different sort of alien.

I know that this has been compared to Twilight (nowadays, what paranormal series hasn't been?). But I gotta admit, there are more than a few similarities. I won't even think about what it means for Twilight if I like Obsidian. But it's completely different, though. Obsidian is so much better.


  1. I came to Lux series late too, and enjoyed the humour, the action and the romance - sizzle, sizzle. Great review, Katrina.

  2. Enjoyed your review! But sorry, I think I'm the last person who hasn't read Obsidian. It's on my to-read list, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I really like that Katy is a book blogger and has a backbone! I promised my BFF that I'd read it this year!

  3. OMG! I am about to have a heart attack here. Obsidian is better than Twilight? No way!!!

    I know, everyone its book. I couldn't even finish Obsidian. here is why.


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