I have lived a thousand lives.

I was once a boy wizard, chosen to save the world from evil. I was a fearless warrior graced with the skills for survival. I was a teenage girl suffering from cancer. As a young, I lived in Nazi Germany. Once, I received a golden ticket that granted me entry to the best chocolate factory in the world. I was a son of a God. I once went to a school for girl spies. I've been a necromancer and a faerie, a doctor and a murderer, a princess and a pauper. I've lost count of all the times I saved the world from certain doom. I've made many mistakes and I've been given innumerable second chances. I have done many things, some I am not proud of. I've traveled across great distances, space and time itself. I've died many times, and have been reborn even more.

Stories create passages for readers, like me and a million other, to delve into different worlds, to live different lives, to be different people, to escape reality.
I Have Lived a Thousand Lives is a review blog, showcasing my love for books, authors and all things fiction, mainly young adult fiction. The main content for this blog are just reviews of acquired through personal ways- libraries, bought copies, etc- and copies received from publishers. All thoughts published are of my honest opinion.

I am the only one maintaining this blog so I wouldn't be able to publish posts as much as I want. There's this thing called time that I don't really have much of nowadays so I try to make do with what I have.
 Hiya, my name is Katrina. I haven't been really reading for that long compared to most of the people in this community. Discovered the joy of it around 2008, which just seems ridiculous to me, to be honest. I haven't got a clue what I did for entertainment before I read. Four years later, I was on Goodreads and decided to start a book blog. Here I am now.

I read mostly young adult fiction, of all genres. But I do enjoy the occasional adult/children fiction.

I'm currently a full time student, so between all the classes, exams, projects, co-curricular activities, sleeping, I've got a lot on my hands. I end up taking breaks from blogging a few times a year to take care of everything. But I always come back.

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