Friday 7 December 2012

Series Review -- Fever by Karen Marie Moning

The Fever series is one of the best series I've read. I was going to post reviews on each book but then I ended up devouring book after book in the series that I didn't really have time to pause and write one up. I didn't really want to either. I just gobbled one book after the other. I regret nothing.

MacKayla Lane's beloved sister, Alina, is brutally murdered in Ireland. No leads regarding the murderer turns up so the Garda (Irish police) is forced to close the case. Determined to exact revenge, MacKayla goes to Ireland and investigate all she can find about the murder. Instead, she discovers a deeper secret about herself and the world she thought she knew.

Mac is a sidhe-seer, able to see the Fae that has begun to roam our world. She also has the rare gift of being able to sense Fae Objects of Power, most importantly the Sinsar Dubh. The Snsar Dubh holds power and knowledge to make and unmake worlds. Many dangerous people has been looking for this evil Book for centuries and would stop at nothing to get the advantage on this deadly hunt. Mac teams up with the enigmatic Jericho Barrons to find the evil book, in exchange for knowledge on protection against the Fae and help to find Alina's murderer.

Tinkerbell ain't got nothing on V'lane

I have to admit, I didn't love the first book the series, Darkfever. I didn't think it was great, just good enough for me to want to read the second book. I don't normally enjoy novels including Fae. I guess it's just the inner Disney kid in me that always see fairies as sparkly, fun-loving tiny creatures that die every time a child says "I don't believe in fairies". The Fae in the Fever series are the complete opposite of that. They are dark, deadly and literally oozes sexuality. And I absolutely loved it. I was pulled by the evilness of their core. It was probably time for me to grow out of Peter Pan, anyway (I'm never going to). The different Courts and castes of the Fae were interesting and very well-developed.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like Mac as a heroine. Born and bred Southern belle, I found her quite tiresome in the beginning of the series. She was extremely vain and her obsession with varying shades of pink nail polish was just ridiculous.
I used to be your average, everyday girl but all that changed one night in Dublin when I saw my first Fae, and got dragged into a world of deadly immortals and ancient secrets. . . 
But she did grow on me. Her vulnerability at the beginning of the series became an interesting narrative and a nice beginning for her character arc. She had a nice sense of humour. Throughout the series, you see her getting stronger and fiercer and next thing you know she's one of the kick-assest heroines ever and you're cooing about how much your baby has grown. What made her so different is that she is completely aware of the cold-blooded vengeance she wants to deliver to anyone that wronged her. Most of the time, heroines are off doing the greater good. But from the very beginning, Mac only cared about getting the Sinsar Dubh for revenge on her sister's murderer.Sure, there were countless of times when I wanted to give her a slap for being so stupid and "For crying out loud, stop being childish and just tell him!" But anyway, she was the only strong female character up against this battalion of male contenders (I still haven't decided whether that's a good thing. I mean, it would have been nice if there was another strong female character, even if she was evil. Dani doesn't count. She's thirteen, for crying out loud.)

Which brings us to Jericho Barrons. The sexy mysterious Jericho Barrons, an antique collector, owner of the Barron's Books & Baubles and not quite human, is one of the major players in the hunt for the Sinsar Dubh. Earlier in the series, every time Barrons said something, I wanted to wring his neck dry, burn him, scatter his ashes then stick around for three days to make sure nothing rises from the ashes. But then Moning pulled one over me and now I love him. He is one of the most complicated men ever, yet he's so simple. That might not make that much sense but it does when you read about him.

I can't not mention V'lane, the Seelie Prince, and the almost-love-triangle between him, Mac and Barrons. It was very entertaining to read about V'lane and Barrons fighting over Mac. They kept trying to one up each other and I'm just snickering every time them three were in the same room, having a (somewhat hostile) conversation. Oh, the innuendos. I don't want to reveal too much but the romance was hot, heavy and frustrating. At the same time, it was cute, sweet and tender.

If you don't think the series is good after reading the first two books maybe, just keep reading. Just keep reading because Shadowfever (the last one) is amazing. You wouldn't see anything coming. None of it. It's just a roller coaster of emotions. See my gif review of it here if you don't believe me.
"One day you'll read a book you can't sleep without finishing and find that sleep is of little consequence."
This is that book.

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