Saturday 2 March 2013

I've Been a Bad Little Blogger

I've all but disappeared during the month of February. How many reviews did I even publish? 2?


It took longer than I had anticipated for me to acclimatise myself back into the habit of school- homework, teachers, focus, getting up early in the morning. It was just really bad. I didn't have as much time for reading, enjoying what I was reading then blogging about it, as much as I did.

Plus, I was in the worst reading stump ever. Even though I was always complaining that I didn't have time to read, I kinda didn't really... want to, either. There was just no desire to read (gasp!) anything at all. The ones I have been reading were no good. Seriously. The next few reviews will consist of nothing but books with 2 stars, mediocre at best. It felt like I had lost the enjoyment I got from reading, like I was dead inside or something, because I just wasn't responding to any of the books I was reading. It got to the point where either I just couldn't find good books, or I had stopped finding entertainment in reading. That was more than enough to stun me into not reading anything. I mean, I've had Eternity Cure for almost two weeks now and I've only started reading it now because I was terrified that if I had read it during my stump, I wouldn't enjoy it at all. I was dead inside, remember?

I was just feeling really, really down about it all. Yes, it was difficult times indeed...

But fear not, my dears, because I'm back and ready to roll. I'm not necessarily out of that stupid stump and my bad reading streak isn't really over yet (hopefully, it will be with Eternity Cure). I am, however, not feeling so down anymore and am more enthused to write again.

I won't proclaim any promises of the amount/frequency of future posts because I will most certainly not keep it. But I will be more present now, in relation to posts, commenting on other blogs, networking and whatnot.

We'll see how it goes, yeah?

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