Wednesday 9 January 2013

Ramblings -- Spoiled by the Synopsis

I don't read synopsises/synopsii/synopsis. Especially if they are books that have captured my attention and I really want to read them.
But, Katrina, how exactly does a book capture your attention if you don't read the synopsis?
Easy. Judge the book by its cover. 

Calm it down, General Shang. Put away the torches and the pitchforks. Take a deep breath. Now are you sure you're not going to bite my head off? Yes? Awesome. Let's proceed.

If someone recommends me a book (if that someone is someone I trust), most of the time, I take it, no questions asked. If I'm at my library and I see a pretty spine or stunning cover, it gets checked out faster than you could say 'overdue'. If I'm running around on Goodreads and I see a book that looks interesting, the cover and the title, it goes straight to my to-read pile. Sometimes I take a peek at my friends ratings, maybe read a paragraph of their review and if its funny/interesting enough, I read the whole thing (but that rarely happens). Anyway, you get my point. I don't read the synopsis.

Why? Because it's misleading as hell.

I know covers can be just as misleading, if not more but you can blame my hatred for synopses on The Thirteenth Child. I read the book a while ago but it has forever scarred me. I expected this whole amazing story with fast paced plot, magic, discovery and characters I can love. What I got was an annoying, whiny protagonist and an almost non-existent plot with the pace of a snail. Those two paired together ruined the book more than anything else. Anyway, after I realized that I got burned by the synopsis, I shied away from reading it.

Not to mention the fact that synopsises/synopsii/synopsis contain a lot more spoilers than you would imagine. I remember after I read The Maze Runner, I turned to the book jacket to judge the synopsis and I got so angry that they included that bit about Teresa turning up in the all-male inhabited Glade. When I got to that part, I gasped so hard it seemed like I sucked all the air out of the room.  Some books even summarize what happens up until the middle of the book. Where's the fun in THAT? I knew then that my decision not to consult the synopsis was a good one.

Which brings us to now. I've been doing this no-synopsis thing for quite some time now. I'm content. There have been some covers that tricked me but I wouldn't go back to the old ways. Anyway, against my better judgement, I read the synopsis for Onyx by Jennifer L Armentrout. I was only on chapter 2 but I HAD to find out if the new guy whatsisface. Wait, let me check what his name is... Blake! Blake from Santa Monica. I had to find out if Blake from Santa Monica was going to be all flirty (of course he is) with Katy, thus resulting in a love triangle. I don't really know what I was hoping to achieve by checking the synopsis. It's not like I would've stopped reading it if there was a love triangle, no matter how much I hated it. It brings physical pain, usually caused by me as I yank my hair out, reading about the indecisiveness and the drama and <snooty voice>oh, I love Edward ever so much. But Jake doesn't own a shirt. But Edward sparkles. But Jake turns to a furry dog. However shall I choose?! </snooty voice>Ugh. Spare me. So see? I had to find out, if only to end the suffering anticipation.

And I read it. Was it a good idea? Fuck no. It seemed like synopsis already gave away half the book's surprises. I can just see myself bugging my eyes out when I find out. The DOD knows about Katy knowing The Luxen? 
Blake knows about Katy and Daemon's linky thing?

He's going to help Katy understand the linky link, thus spending time with Blake and she isn't going to tell Daemon about it?
Someone who shouldn't be is alive??!!! *cough* Daemon's brother *cough* *cough* Daemon's brother's girlfriend *cough* 

Granted, my interest shot to the edge of space and the synopsis was only doing it's job by peaking my interest. But I still would have liked to find out about all of it by myself. And I HATE spoilers. Even more than love triangles. Surprise, not anticipation please. (I realize that the reason I spoiled myself was so that I could anticipate the love triangle. Shut up.) It's all part of the reading experience. I really should've just stuck to my vow. Sigh...

That's all. I just wanted to rant.

Feel free to comment about your outrage at my approach to finding books or my stupidity or whatever. Or you know, don't. I won't mind either way, truly. But it would be nice to know that I'm not having a conversation with myself although I do make a habit of it in real life.
Oh my God, Katrina. Stop creeping out everyone. You are so weird.
I know, shut up. Whatchu gonna do about it?
Nothing. I'm you.

Remember how the post is called 'Ramblings'? Yeah...

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